New Laserhead LaCam 4HT

Fastest, most accurate, laser scanner for hot surfaces in the world


 Due to echo digitization with full waveform analysis, measurements are less sensitive to smoke and dust influence. This leads to improved measuring results.


In the picture above each pulse represents an object that was detected by the laser. In the past the dust or smoke detected would have been used as the measured value. With echo digitization the actual brick refractory can be determined by finding the pulse with the farthest distance.


 Pfanne Multiplot

 New software features

-           all relevant information on one page

-           any user action will show the requested data in all plots simultaneously

-           powerful 3D graphics allows viewing the refractory lining from all perspectives

 3D ladle outside   3D ladle inside  3D ladle bottom

Typical Scope of Supply

Equipment: LaCam® M4 Profile Measurement System






  • horizontal and vertical cutaway views
  • coloured representation of the wall zones
  • coloured representation of the bottom zones
  • tabular representation of the residual brick thicknesses, classified by height and radius
  • mean wear of residual brick thickness
  • visualization of residual brick thickness in the scan image
  • bath level determination after x heats
  • direct data link to other computer systems
  • export of data to other evaluation programs (e. g. Excel)
  • remote control and service functions via modem
  • other customized evaluations on request